Made in Italy

We, Italians, love the comfort, but we would certainly never give up the beauty. Great artisans of precision, we combine elegance, practicality and customization that the whole world envies us.

The “Made in Italy” label itself is identical to so well respected Italian craftsmanship. And beyond that, with over 15 years of experience in this industry, our car seat covers are “Tailor-Made in Italy”.

We carefully measured hundreds of car seat templates, designed and tailored the perfect cover for each seat model. Although we use the latest cutting technology, we check each resulting piece twice so that everything is flawless.
We are proud that every product made by us has the impeccable style and glamour that characterize Italian fashion and delight the hearts of our customers.

As a metaphor, the quality of our products speaks any foreign language. However, we decided to make this website multilingual to present ourselves to Europe and the UK.

We do our best to use your language, but we are sure that the images and forms presented on the website speak for themselves. So, do not hesitate to ask us any question. We will answer you honestly and hope that our answer will be useful.

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