Alcantara Car Seat Covers

Invented and produced in Italy, ALCANTARA, the recipe of which remains a secret, adds a touch of class to your car interiors.


Alcantara: Premium Feelings

It is not possible to describe Alcantara’s sweetness to the touch that, nonetheless, has excellent duration and endurance characteristics.

It can be easily combined with our ECOPELLE leather-look material, as the primary shades of colour are available in both categories. Enjoy the subtle sensation of Alcantara’s inserts in a customized set of covers.

People often prefer this suede-looking material on seating surfaces because of its breathability and unique property of not keeping out the sun’s heat on a hot summer day or the cold of a winter day.

Alcantara car seat covers are easy to clean and maintain. To preserve the beauty and freshness of Alcantara is sufficient to dust it and run a slightly moistened cotton cloth over it. In the case of most localized stains, just lukewarm water and soap restore Alcantara to its factory condition.

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