ECOPELLE is a synthetic material that looks like real leather, with superior strength and high protection against fading due to UV rays, very high in quality and environmentally friendly.


Ecopelle: a luxurious leather-look appearance

Our leather-look car seat covers, made of Ecopelle, are designed to mimic the look and feel of the leather upholstery.

Ideal for contouring and tailoring, this durable and long-lasting material, produced in various colours, is the best alternative to custom leather car seats. 

It has excellent stretch and recovery properties, meaning it won’t sag and puddle after extended use. It is resistant to mould and bacteria and is very easy to maintain and clean with water and a mild soap solution.

Our car seat covers made in ecopelle can be tailored in any existing colour combinations available in our portfolio at your free choice.

Moreover, you can choose the Alcantara material for the central part of the covers, headrest, and top or bottom areas. The final result will be exceptional both in terms of aesthetics and comfort.

The online car seat covers configurator will give you the freedom to be your designer. Turn your car into your favourite sitting room.

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